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'Hot Seating: Chairs anonymous' January 2020.

'Hot Seating: Chairs anonymous' is a video work responding to character development techniques used in the process of creating a theatrical project for Platform theatre. The short video shows dolls house chairs personified into talking characters with adult like problems. The humorous video is voiced by cast members improvising after being given a scenario, with the artist later using individually photographed frames to tell the fictional story of the objects.

The piece can be seen installed on a small screen, alongside the dolls house chairs from the video which are placed in front, almost as if watching the video with the viewer. This creates almost a completion of the circle of the chairs when the image of the full group is on the screen. This piece uses headphones when shown to provide an intimate experience for the viewer.

Install Image.jpg
hot seating.jpg

Installation view from 'Like a Biennale' exhibition at Civic House. January 2020.

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