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'Isabella and Dexter have an alphabetic conversation written by our autocorrect' 
May 2019.

'Isabella and Dexter have an alphabetic conversation written by our autocorrect' is a collaboration between Isabella Dogliani and Dexter Stokes-Mellor, created for a joint exhibition exploring the theme of repetition in each of their work.


The piece is a sound installation where texts are read by each artist, played through a speaker dressed as themselves. The work was developed using predictive text, where the phone generates suggested words and sentences based on patterns or repeated phrases, commonly used within the context of the conversation. Using iMessage, the artists took it in turn to work their way through the alphabet, starting a text with an individual letters from A-Z and continuing using the suggested middle word to complete messages to each other. What is created is an eery conversation between two simulated friends, voiced by the very people the text was created to imitate.


Install view. Speaker to the left voice of Isabella Dogliani, speaker to right voice of Dexter Stokes-Mellor. Accompanying audio can be found bellow, the first person to speak is Isabella.

Audio from installationIsabella Dogliani / Dexter Stokes-Mellor
00:00 / 09:53
sound instal ag.JPG

Dogliani and Stokes-Mellor photographed with their respective speaker dressed in the likeness of themselves.

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