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'Untitled: An Art School Musical (2020)' February 2020.

'Untitled: An Art School Musical (2020)' was an original play developed as part of a collaborative project between Platform, Easterhouse and The Glasgow School of Art. The project consisted of a series of rehearsals, collaborations and workshops organised by the artist, with Elianor Oudjedi running a workshop on improvisation and Dexter Stokes-Mellor producing a satirical art school club track for the show. The final performance took place in the auditorium at Platform at 7:30pm on 24th February 2020.


The cast was made up of a mix of volunteers from around Platform and art students. The project aimed to find humour within the art and musical theatre world, with a mix of original and parody songs from 'Grease The Musical' throughout the performance. The project aims to pose a critical perspective on  contemporary Western art's education as well as exploring the relationship between theatre and fine art by having an 'exhibition' on stage within the context of an exhibition.


The following film is a documentation of the performance. Shot by Eleanor Oudjedi and Rocco Dogliani.

Production pictures:

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